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 GREETINGS TO MY WEBSITE! I'M THE SITE OWNER AND I'M HERE FOR YOU TO ASK ME SOME OF THE PRIVATE SERVERS AND ABOUT HAMACHI! AlphaBeta IS MY NAME THERE :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!! >_> <_< Well sometimes there's a VERY COOOOOOOOOL! PRIVATE SERVER! YOU GET FREE MOD ON FIRST DAY AND IF YOU'RE FIRST TO ASK FOR ADMINSHIP THEN YOU GOT ADMIN :OOOOO LOLOLOLOL!!!!! >_> But err.... I got hacked on AQWorlds ._. CAN YOU GIVE ME SOME PLEASE XDDDDDDDD :DDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!! If you give me one AQWorlds Member Account! I' LL OWE YOU ONE XD! THANKS FOR GETTING ON MY SITE ._. :DDDDDDDDD TIME TO INSERT PHOTO AGAIN XDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!! I'll show you the Non-Hamachi Private Server Picture :DDDDDD Sorry It's BLURRED! XD But It's a little picture v_v So... This is one of the Character Who Played the Hidden Project Server but Now Their name is PROJECT BLACKOUT! LOLOLOL!!!!! :DDDDDDDD211339_100001007182888_2689275_q.jpg